‘I Do It For Sydney’ is a live brief for the City of Sydney (CoS) as part of their Zero Waste campaign. The challenge is to raise awareness of the dangers of hazardous household waste which includes old mobile phones, light bulbs and batteries.

CoS’ current solution is the deployment of recycling bins in the local libraries, which according our research, is heavily under used. This is due to the fact that people are not aware of its existence (and the dangers of the the waste themselves) and the inconvenience of having to travel there in the first place.


Our solution is to bring the bins to the residents. Using the persuasion technique of reciprocity, we gift Sydney residents a flat-packed mini recycling box that they can assemble at home. It even comes with a clever handle on the lid so that once it is full, they can be easily transported to their closest recycling bin. This is our way of normalising the act of collecting hazardous household waste.

Collaborators: Edervic Clavecillas, Gilbert Antai and Timothy Meyer.