Category: Tom’s Projects

2015 Portfolio

(Concept & Print)
2015 Portfolio Booklet and leave behind.


(Concept & Art Direction)
A poster exploring the theme of ‘wonder’.

Threads | Vivid Lights

(Installation Artist)
A Vivid 2015 Light Installation in Cleland Bonds.

Brick By Brick

(Branding and Concept)
An awareness campaign for Raw Impact, an NGO in Cambodia.

I Do It For Sydney

(Concept and Packaging)
A Zero Waste recycling campaign for the City of Sydney.

Venture | Vivid Lights

(Installation Artist)
An interactive Vivid 2014 Light Installation at The Rocks.

Carrara Grounds

(Concept & Art Direction)
A rebranding project for Strickland House in Vaucluse.


(Branding and Concept)
A WiFi Hotspot finder app for mobile warriors.

Type A

(Print and Layout)
An A5 typographic booklet created for a college project.